2007-04-04 Wednesday

I didn’t sleep very well last night. * You have no idea how disappointed I am to be wearing socks today.  But!  If that’s my biggest disappointment today I will be grateful.  I’m waiting on word that my database conversion is done, on media and ready to pick up.  I won’t wait here at home much longer.  At 7:00 I’ll take my knitting and wait in the Software Vendor’s lobby. * I left my knitting in the car and paced the floor instead.  I was more noticeable that way.  Database and other stuff on media in hand and out their door by 8:30.  Now if only I could do something about Rent-A-Geek’s “I can’t do this” attitude.  I really want to snap; “fine, don’t.  Leave.  I’ll do it myself”. * We’re up and running!  There are issues.  Like, no one can print, or even print preview, anything.  The Pissy People hate it already, the Positive Thinkers love it.  No surprise there.  We’ve seen the last of Rent-A-Geek for a week or so.  Tomorrow I’m on my own.  No biggie, I can handle it.  I hope.  I couldn’t have done it without those cherry and dark chocolate M&Ms.  And the fact that I didn’t eat them all speaks to how well it went, actually.