2007-10-23 Tuesday

Hanna had no more seizures overnight and they report little change in her condition.  As of late morning Hanna has had some breakfast and is going outside to do her “business”.  I can take her to the University for further diagnosis or I can bring her home and see what happens.  I’m going to my office to pick up a bunch of stuff so as to work from here and then I’m going to get Hanna and bring her home.  She’s not to be left unattended for a few days.  Hanna is home!  Had I not lay on the floor with that Dog myself last night, I would have a hard time believing anything had happened.There are some things about Hanna that aren’t “right”.  She’s not eating.  She didn’t seem to hear me come home from church and it was difficult for me to wake her.  She’s timid on the stairs, only went up when I turned the light on.

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