2008-07-26 Saturday

Bikes to the Freedom Farm Polo Event in Watertown and back:  236 minutes, 40.9 miles, 10.1 mph, HR=140.  We took the Luce Line to Watertown, then road shoulders out to the Freedom Farm.  On the return we took the road shoulders to St. Boni and rode the new trail back.  The new trail goes right behind the Minnetonka Drive In.  We enjoyed a burger, onion rings and shake while watching the activity.  I read somewhere this past week that only an idiot would install a wireless “N” network in a home environment.  Well . . . . . I must respectfully disagree.  I’ve been meaning to replace my wireless router for quite some time.  Since mine hasn’t been working, I decided to tackle that tonight.  I had a Linksys WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband Router on the shelf.  It took less than a half hour to get it up and running.  The only (non)issue I have is that I can’t get the Wireless-G range expander to work.  I’m hoping I don’t need it.