2008-09-09 Tuesday

W2 and 1099 forms have landed in my office.  My left eye has been bothering me this morning.  It feels like I have something in it.  It wasn’t getting red or anything, so I didn’t worry about it, but at lunch time I decided it would be prudent to take the contact lense out.  Oddly enough, taking the lense out has made it feel worse and water a lot.  Good thing I didn’t take out both lenses, as I don’t seem to have a pair of glasses in my office or in my car.  My Eye Doctor has an office across the street, but they don’t staff it on Tuesday.  My friend, G’s Eye Doctor who’s office is also not far from my office was willing/able to see me immediately.  A white piece of something was removed from my eye.  Ick.  I have to dose the eye with antibiotic drops and go back tomorrow to make sure it’s not infected and is healing well.  In the future, I’ll be using this Eye Doctor instead.  She had trouble getting whatever it is out and ended up using a second, stronger anesthetic and she promised it would hurt pretty bad when that wore off.  It’s been three hours and so far, so good.  My eye just feels like it’s being scratched or something that I wouldn’t really call pain.