2008-09-29 Monday

LuceLine West Out&Back:  74 minutes, 4.73 miles 3.8 mph, HR=142. I struggled this morning.  When I picked up the pace, my heart rate ramped up to 165 and I just couldn’t get it to settle down into the 140’s.  I tried four times before I gave up and walked.  When I got home, I had trouble in the shower.  I had to get out and lay on the floor for a while.  I had to sit on the stool to brush my teeth.  I checked my Glucose, expecting something in the 70’s when actually it was a never before seen 145!  BP:  90/61, 87/60, 97/62, 72/47, 74/47 and after lying on my bed and drinking a liter of water; 98/66.  My new Dell Precision M4400 has arrived!  It’s even bigger than my old Precision M70.  I thought I was OK, but I wasn’t.  I couldn’t even sit in my office chair, so I layed on the floor.  Tony drove me home.  I layed on the couch for a while and decided I would err on the side of caution and go to the hospital.  They put me on the monitor, did an EKG and an ultrasound of my heart.  My heart is fine.  They decided to give me fluids by I.V. while we waited for my blood work.  They proceeded to send me in to shock with the THREE tries it took to get the I.V. in.  Then I got oxygen too!  Blood draw had to wait for me to stabalize and they could get someone from the Lab with some different kind of needle.  My blood chemistry was so close to my last Mayo test.  There were two differences:  My Platelet Count was way down and my Glucose way up.  Diagnosis:  Orthostatic Hypotension. Same old, same old.  My take on it:  I think I was compromised by some sort of stomach bug.