2009-12-15 Tuesday

I am really happy with having my Trainer come to my house instead of going to the gym.  I’m making good use of available space in my home and spending the drive time doing small household chores like emptying the dryer or dishwasher.  Starting this Friday, a Pilates Trainer/Occupational Therapist will be coming to the house as well and I’ll be very happy to begin making use of my Pilates Reformer.  The next logical step is to cancel my gym membership completely.  I’m having trouble with this for some reason.  There is a social aspect of going to the gym that I have enjoyed.  These days I have several other opportunities for socialization; Church and OLLI for starters.  CorePower Yoga has a schedule that is much more convenient than the Marsh, so I can’t even justify my membership for the Yoga.  I’ve belonged to the Marsh for 20 years and it’s hard to let go, yet perhaps time to move on.  ||   I am spending the afternoon with our new Accountant, who was our old Accountant.  The year 2009 is winding down.