2011-06-03 Friday

After Pilates at the Marsh this morning, I spent some time on the indoor track: 52:16, 3.5 miles/60 Laps, HR=103. Followed that with a great massage. When I got to my car there was a voicemail of which I could understand three words; “Dog, Cookie, Emergency”. I figured it was one of two things; they couldn’t get Gracie in the house (possible, since I’ve been having the same problem lately) or Hanna bit someone handing her a cookie. I went home to find the Cleaning Crew had been unable to get Gracie in the house. I put both dogs in the outside kennel and went up to Harvest Moon to have lunch with Steve. Stopped at the Vet to get more Rimadyl for Gracie. Got the VW washed and my hair cut.