2011-06-10 Friday

After pilates at TheMarsh, I picked Avery up at Amy’s office. We did our usual errands and then met Steve for lunch at Harvest Moon. Except, Steve stood us up because he didn’t get my text message. So, we dropped Steve’s lunch off at his shop. We planted two watermelon plants and weeded the garden. The cold and dreary weather made it a good day to bake Rhubarb/Blueberry/Strawberry crisp. Lots of it! Avery’s outgrown the 16” bike already! Seems like just last week Steve put blocks on the tricycle and she still couldn’t reach the pedals.

1 thought on “2011-06-10 Friday

  1. It’s not too late to plant watermelon? We almost picked up plant at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, but I wasn’t sure there was enough time left for it to grow!

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