2011-06-20 Monday

West on the LuceLine w/Daisy: 1:04:42, 4.0 miles, 3.7 mph, HR=107. There was a day I would have been thrilled to lie in bed at 10 pm and watch fireworks over the bay. Not last night. I’m a bit sleep deprived from the stress of the new dog. The new dog does not yet have the confidence to deal with all that noise.

1 thought on “2011-06-20 Monday

  1. Hi Robin,
    My name is Julie. Im Daisy’s G Mom. Erin & I wondered this morning about the 4th of July but I guess you found out a little sooner that Daisy is afraid of fireworks. I would like to say THANK YOU for giving Daisy a nice new home. Although young and hiper shes a very good girl. Did Erin remember to tell you she just had her frontline a week or so ago? For some reason if things dont work out with her PLEASE contact us.
    Thank-You Again

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