2014-07-17 Thursday

Today’s adventure in house hunting:

Wilshire Walk – Nice house, but too noisy.

Hollyhock Lane – Top of our short list.  Actually, alone on our short list.  We’re going back for a second look on Sunday.

Highland Road – Too much space we don’t need and not enough of what we do.  Interesting yard in that there is no grass but lots of gravel paths through the plantings to seating areas.  Would require a live in Gardener, since neither of us is inclined.  Steep shared driveway.

Old Kent Road – This one spent 10 hours on our short list.  It’s the perfect house.  BUT!  There’s no yard.  The deck posts are currently in the pond.  And, it’s stucco.  I would love to return to this neighborhood!!

Maple Ridge Court – Kewl house.  Too small.  2-car garage is a problem.


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