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2014-06-19 Thursday

We are beginning to settle into something resembling a routine.  Today, the Dogs started their weekly visit to PupTown.  They were pretty excited to be there!

2014-06-16 Monday

The closing on my Minnetonka home happened without a hitch.  I was not being honest with myself as to just how nervous I was about that.

2014-06-15 Sunday

Since my right knee seems no worse for Avery and I having walked the dogs on Friday morning, I decided to try it again today:  47:48, 2.35 miles, 2.9 mph, HR=120.  Again, I used the retractable leash to keep the jerking/pulling to an absolute minimum.      

2014-06-02 Monday

The Truths Within.

2014-06-01 Sunday

According to Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book “Moving On”, moving ranks as the number one stressful rite of passage ahead of death, divorce, or debt.  I didn’t know that.  Even in my current position, I’m not sure I believe it.  I met with my Therapist/Coach.  Picked Steven up from the airport.  Looked at four more houses:  […]

2014-05-31 Saturday

My house is empty.  Both cars are STUFFED, but the house is empty.  I had a medium sized melt down on Thursday evening, but I feel much better about it all now.

2014-05-30 Friday

Finally!  The results of my Fungal Culture Derm:  No yeast or fungus isolated.  So much for that theory.  After Pilates with Carol at TheMarsh, my intention was to nap in the sun for 2 hours.  But, my Realtor had a better idea.  He wanted to show me a house, quick before it sells.  It was […]

2014-04-29 Tuesday

While my Trainer thinks my rash looks worse than it did last week, it feels better.  I suspect I can thank the Benadryl for that.  My house is being shown this afternoon.

2014-04-28 Monday

My felt Birdhouse has blown out of it’s tree.  It was looking tattered and needed to come down anyway, so thank you for that, Mother Nature.  My fence is in the water.

2014-04-23 Wednesday

Why did I never think to clip my toenails in the shower before today?