2018-04 Monthly Wrap-Up

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In an unusual turn of events, the math for April does not come out. Not even close! I gained 1.06 pounds this month. That’s despite a deficit of 6,408 calories (214/day). I have no explanation for this. Nothing stands out.

My base macros for the month were 134P/101C/45F=1,344. I add my exercise calories at a rate of 50%C/50%F.

My first thought was to raise my macros. If I’m not losing weight at this deficit, why bother? However, I’ve taken a day or two to contemplate that and have decided to leave my macros they way they are for the month of May.

I still have trouble hitting my protein goal. My sugar intake was up 38% in April, I need to work on that!

Judging by how my clothes fit, I am a little bit smaller than I was in 2013. Sadly, I do not have Fit3D numbers prior to January 2017. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t lose any more weight I do NOT want to start gaining a pound every month! I am healthy. I am strong! All my clothes fit. What more could a girl want?


I’ve read as many articles advising BCAA supplementation as I have articles that say it’s a waste of money. I love Cherry Cola and recently discovered BSN’s AMINOx. The only reason this caught my eye is because it comes in Cola and, even better yet, Cherry Cola flavors. I ordered a tub from Amazon. After a recent workout, I stirred two scoops into 6 ounces of water and added a bit of crushed ice. I am a fan! 10g of protein in a delightful beverage. I’m constantly struggling to reach my daily protein goal and this is another tool. In the two times I’ve used this product, I’ve not noticed any difference in my training or recovery. But, I’m 10g closer to my protein goal for the day and that’s good enough for me!

2017-12-19 Tuesday

Stairs (in lieu of the elevator): 1 Floor
Treadmill Warm-Up: 09:10/0.5mi/3.3mph/HR=114/5%incline
Barbell Bench Press: (10×60#)x4
Bosu Ball Crunch: 30×4
One-Arm Dumbbell Row: (12×20#)x4
Concentration Curls: (12×12#)x4
Dumbbell Floor Press: (12×20#)x4
Standing Barbell Calf Raise: (12×60#)x4
Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP): (10×30#)x4
Weighted Russian Twist: (15×15#)x4
Kneeling Push-Up: 10×4
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise: (12×5#)x4
Front Dumbbell Raise: (12×5#)x4



TE: .8an/1.7ae

Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/69F=2197
High: 145P/249C/54F=2062
Medium: 145P/229C/54F=1982
Low: 145P/149C/69F=1797
Performance Recomp. Phase 3
Instead of a weight loss goal, I now have a tiny weight gain goal.

Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/73F=2233
High: 145P/249C/57F=2089
Medium: 145P/229C/57F=2009
Low: 145P/149C/73F=1833

Dexa/Fit3D Results 04-29 to 07-01-2017

Weight: Over all, I GAINED 1.1 pounds in two months.
BUT! The devil is in the details. I lost 1.6# of fat mass and gained 2.6# of lean mass!
A measly 1.2% bodyfat. Probably a reasonable expectation over 8 weeks.
Over the 12 measurements Fit3D tracks, I lost a total of ZERO inches. Today’s total was exactly the same as April 28. I couldn’t have done that if I was trying.

2017-06 The Math

I continue to follow the ETP (Eat To Perform) macro cycling protocol. My macros were updated/increased four times this month. I went from a goal of 1518-1838 Calories/Day to 1813-2213 Calories/Day in four steps.

June was uneventful. No illness, no injury.

According to my Hackers Diet chart: My actual weight is down .8 pounds and my Trend is down .6

To track my daily activity, I currently wear a Garmin Fenix5X with wrist based HRM. I always wear a chest strap for intentional exercise.

Garmin adjusts my daily BMR based on my weight. I weigh daily on a Garmin Index Smart Scale.

.8 pounds lost x 3500 calories per pound = 2,800 calorie deficit for the month. That’s an average of 93 per day.

According to my MFP log, I consumed 56,686 calories this month. An average of 1,890 per day.

According to Garmin, I burned a total of 61,653 calories during the month. That’s an average of 2055 per day.

61,543 burned – 56,686 consumed = 4,857. Or about 1.39 pounds. That’s about double the actual .8. But, pretty close.