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2018-04 Monthly Wrap-Up

Click here to see the Monthly Spreadsheet. Click here to see the Daily Detail Spreadsheet. In an unusual turn of events, the math for April does not come out. Not even close! I gained 1.06 pounds this month. That’s despite a deficit of 6,408 calories (214/day). I have no explanation for this. Nothing stands out. […]

2017-06 The Math

I continue to follow the ETP (Eat To Perform) macro cycling protocol. My macros were updated/increased four times this month. I went from a goal of 1518-1838 Calories/Day to 1813-2213 Calories/Day in four steps. Notes: June was uneventful. No illness, no injury. According to my Hackers Diet chart: My actual weight is down .8 pounds […]