Two Thousand Six – September

09/01 Morning person that I am, I rarely see the sun rise.  On one of our treks down the Luce Line we determined the 6th tee box of the Orono Public Golf Course would be the perfect spot.  A little screen tent was pitched.  The word “sprinkler” crossed my mind just as I was settling down to sleep.  I got caught in one a while back at the Fred Richard’s Course, they put out an awful lot of water.  1:50 am found us pulling up stakes and sliding the tent out from under the water spray.  Pretty much everything was damp, if not wet, but not terribly cold.  So we stayed.  Awesome!!!!  Two golfers showed up as we were packing up to leave, they didn’t seem overly concerned to find us there.  I love the sound of a driver hitting the golf ball.  I picked Avery up later than usual as she had a Clinic visit and got her shots.  She’s sporting a band aid and a strawberry sticker on her left thigh.

09/02 Another Sleep In Saturday!  Tony helped to get my boat out of the water.  Thanks to Mr.B, my garbage can is now the cleanest one in the neighborhood.  Tim stopped by to pick up some stuff just as chicken stir fry was being prepared, so he joined us for lunch.  Took the kayaks out for a bit and got home just ahead of the rain.  Mr.B made curried chicken salad while I made muffins.  The rain made for a lazy evening.

09/03 A walk in the rain.  Puzzle.

09/04 Stubbs/Maxwell Loop – backwards with both dogs:  113 minutes, 6.87 miles, 3.6 mph, HR=92.  Beyond that, I’m speechless.  But, a picture being worth a thousand words; see the PhotoJournal.

09/05 Caribou Coffee #6.  Biking west on the Luce Line:  73 minutes, 15.3 miles, 12.5 mph.

09/06 A man.  On the Girl’s tractor.  Never figured I would see the day.

09/07 3:47 pm and I’m just now getting ready to leave my office.  My dock is out. 

09/08 Avery and I went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to see the Secret Gardens Exhibition.  Mr.B joined us with Chai Tea and showed us around the place.  After dinner we met Tim and a Friend at a coffee shop in Uptown.  Since we were in the neighborhood, we took a quick tour through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

09/09 Maxwell Loop w/both Dogs:  91 minutes, 6.0 miles, 4.0 mph, HR=105.  Nice!  A dreary day.  The laundry is mostly done.  The filters and grates for the air exchange system are cleaned.  The puzzle was worked on.  My iTunes playlists have disappeared again. 

09/10 I saw Santa on the side of the road on my way home from breakfast with a friend at the Lafayette Club.  I think I need to have Mr.B lock the dining room when he leaves so I go to bed when I should and leave that darn puzzle alone.

09/11 My iTunes music folder is detached.  Again.  Drat!  I wish I understood what happens with that.  My network syncing theory didn’t hold up.

09/12 Today I got out the silk long underwear, wool socks and cashmere sweater.  I’ve drawn the line at removing my bracelets.  For now.  Caribou Coffee #7.  Paddle boat.  Found a big egg out on the Island.  More baseball!

09/13 Manicure, pedicure, hair cut.  Oh, the drama.

09/14 Three squad cars and police officers putting handcuffs on a guy at the entrance to my gym this morning.  That sort of stuff isn’t supposed to happen in that neighborhood.

09/15 I can’t help but wonder who it is Avery talks to on the GPS.  Spacemen?  After lunch we went back to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  What a difference a week makes!  Last week we had to carry Avery, she wouldn’t even ride in the stroller.  This week, she got out of the car and took off running.  She explored the trails near the Sensory Garden and we went back to the Children’s Garden.  I’m sure we’ll be going back, as we’ve not even begun to see all that’s there.  We had dinner with Mr.B.  Yogurt and M&Ms for dessert when we got home.

09/16 Maxwell Loop with both dogs, but the GPS only got half of it.  I would call it a lazy Saturday, but my bathroom exhaust fans have been disassembly, cleaned and reinstalled.  A fantastic dinner of curried pork tenderloin, curried sweet potatoes and green beans was made and consumed.  A delightful lightening show just before bed time.

09/17 Windy!  Laundry.  Must do the laundry.  Ashley’s 18th birthday dinner at Mom and Dad’s.  Mr.B survived meeting the family.

09/18 I’m packing away my tank tops and getting out my sweaters.  Boo!  I took my ankle bracelet off this morning and the wrist one comes off tonight.  BOO!!

09/19 As of the payroll dated 08/31, my software has quit printing the distribution totals at the end of the register.  Weird.  Installed Activesync 4.5 BETA 2 – so far, so good.  Caribou Coffee #8.  A short walk.

09/20 Much tidying up around the house.  What’s with the itching shins?

09/21 Happy Birthday Ashley G!!!  Happy Birthday Mr.B!!!!  I’ve got lots of email weirdness from overnight.  I’m thinking someone inadvertently sent me something nasty, though it looks more like someone else is using my email address as nothing is in my “Sent Items” folder.  Damn!  Installed Microsoft Money 2007.  Chocolate cake for lunch.  Thanks, Mr.B*.

09/22 A dreary day.  Nap.  We just had to get out of the house so we took a short walk in the drizzle, twice.  Probably should never have started the M&M’s in the overalls pocket business.

09/23 The email weirdness has disappeared.  Maxwell Loop, backwards:  106 minutes, 6.26 miles, 3.5 mph, HR=98.

09/24 Coco/Maxwell Loop:  78 minutes, 5.9 miles, 4.5 mph, HR=148.

09/25 Rent-A-Geek.  Respiratory distress.  Change is in the air!

09/26 Caribou Coffee #9.  Sweet!!  East on the Luce Line in an unsuccessful search for tomatoes.

09/27 Wow!  The last entry in my private journal is dated 08/30/06.  Life is settling down.  That’s a good thing.  Soup for lunch, fall is really here.

09/28 I saw the Chicken again on Leaf Street. 

09/29 In our search for fresh tomatoes, Avery and I discovered a quaint organic farm just west of here.  We purchased the fresh tomatoes we wanted for tonight’s pizza.  But, that’s not all!  The Proprietress had just pulled apple pies out of the oven, and we bought two!  Also a green pepper and a loaf of pumpkin ginger bread.  We spent an awful lot of time with her chickens.  I think we’ll go back for pie pumpkins soon.  Good thing we bought two apple pies – Coco ate one.

09/30 A baseball game at the Metro Dome followed by a walk around the neighborhood.  Laundry and knitting.  A repeat of last night’s dinner.