2017-12-19 Tuesday

Stairs (in lieu of the elevator): 1 Floor
Treadmill Warm-Up: 09:10/0.5mi/3.3mph/HR=114/5%incline
Barbell Bench Press: (10×60#)x4
Bosu Ball Crunch: 30×4
One-Arm Dumbbell Row: (12×20#)x4
Concentration Curls: (12×12#)x4
Dumbbell Floor Press: (12×20#)x4
Standing Barbell Calf Raise: (12×60#)x4
Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP): (10×30#)x4
Weighted Russian Twist: (15×15#)x4
Kneeling Push-Up: 10×4
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise: (12×5#)x4
Front Dumbbell Raise: (12×5#)x4



TE: .8an/1.7ae


Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/69F=2197
High: 145P/249C/54F=2062
Medium: 145P/229C/54F=1982
Low: 145P/149C/69F=1797
Performance Recomp. Phase 3
Instead of a weight loss goal, I now have a tiny weight gain goal.

Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/73F=2233
High: 145P/249C/57F=2089
Medium: 145P/229C/57F=2009
Low: 145P/149C/73F=1833

Dexa/Fit3D Results 04-29 to 07-01-2017

Weight: Over all, I GAINED 1.1 pounds in two months.
BUT! The devil is in the details. I lost 1.6# of fat mass and gained 2.6# of lean mass!
A measly 1.2% bodyfat. Probably a reasonable expectation over 8 weeks.
Over the 12 measurements Fit3D tracks, I lost a total of ZERO inches. Today’s total was exactly the same as April 28. I couldn’t have done that if I was trying.

2017-06 The Math

I continue to follow the ETP (Eat To Perform) macro cycling protocol. My macros were updated/increased four times this month. I went from a goal of 1518-1838 Calories/Day to 1813-2213 Calories/Day in four steps.

June was uneventful. No illness, no injury.

According to my Hackers Diet chart: My actual weight is down .8 pounds and my Trend is down .6

To track my daily activity, I currently wear a Garmin Fenix5X with wrist based HRM. I always wear a chest strap for intentional exercise.

Garmin adjusts my daily BMR based on my weight. I weigh daily on a Garmin Index Smart Scale.

.8 pounds lost x 3500 calories per pound = 2,800 calorie deficit for the month. That’s an average of 93 per day.

According to my MFP log, I consumed 56,686 calories this month. An average of 1,890 per day.

According to Garmin, I burned a total of 61,653 calories during the month. That’s an average of 2055 per day.

61,543 burned – 56,686 consumed = 4,857. Or about 1.39 pounds. That’s about double the actual .8. But, pretty close.

2014-09-06 Saturday

It’s no longer all about me.

It’s about us

2014-09-01 Monday

As of today, Daisy is off Benadryl and the antibiotics.  I’m not sure she ever really needed the antibiotics, so we aren’t going to finish them.

2014-08-26 Tuesday

Daisy is using all her feet!  As of Monday evening; in addition to the Benadryl, we’ve doubled her antibiotics and started her on Prednisone.