Two Thousand Six – October

10/01 Stubbs/Maxwell Loop with Hanna:  89 minutes, 5.61 miles, 3.8 mph, HR=101.  The Box Elder Bugs and Beetles-that-look-like-LadyBugs were disgusting!

10/02 In light of my weekly visits to Caribou, it now seems silly to pay postage and handling for the convenience of having coffee delivered to me.  Good bye, Peet’s.  I started my Christmas shopping today.  I came home to Mr.B in my kitchen cooking dinner!  The little car is put away for the winter.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood then retrieved the Wagon.  While I was posting pictures and doing laundry, Mr.B made Goat Cheese-Stuffed Roasted Figs for dessert.  Not much to look at, but oh, they were good!

10/03 Piano lesson.  Remember those?  Yeah, me neither.  Guess who’s hardly touched it in the two weeks the Piano Teacher has been out of town?  That would be me.  There’s a new version of iTunes out.  Could I be so lucky as to have that fix my disappearing playlist problem?  Caribou Coffee #10.

10/04 Hair Cut/Color.

10/05 Treadmill:  45 minutes, 3.0 miles, 4.0 mph, HR=?

10/06 Today Avery tried to drag the B.O.B. jogging stroller out of the exercise room.  Much to my dismay, she hasn’t wanted any thing to do with that stroller all summer.  Today I can’t get her out of it.  Go figure.  Unfortunately, we can’t go for a long walk because the Furnace Maintenance Guy is here and we’re waiting on the Bug Man.  But, we’ve been up and down our street at least a half a dozen times already.  Dinner at Mom and Dad’s.

10/07 Baseball is over and the puzzle is done.  Now what?

10/08 Knitting.  Brownies.  Cheesecake.

10/09 I’m fighting a cold.  Perhaps losing.  Nahhhhh!

10/10 Caribou Coffee #11.  A game of checkers.  Sock knitting machine, if anyone can figure that out, Mr.B can.

10/11 It’s time to get serious about snow tires.  Geeks!  Gotta love them.  Or not.  I’m having a bit of trouble with my application software upgrade.  I had dinner with a friend and upon leaving the restaurant found my car covered in a blanket of snow. 

10/12 I never did get a cold.  Is it the apple I eat every afternoon?  Vitamins?

10/13 Avery and I went to visit Ellie and Jim, but they weren’t home, so we left the brownies and cheese cake with a note by their door.  Then we went to the organic farm we visited previously and got a few groceries.  Off to Waconia to visit my Grandma Lucy.  Tonight’s pizza had butternut squash, fontina and romano cheese.  It was Avery’s favorite so far.

10/14 Avery spent the night.  We had organic scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.  As soon as the sun was out, we hit the trail.  97 minutes, 5.13 miles, 3.5 mph, HR=?  We went west on the Luce Line because the stroller and dogs gets to be a bit wide for the road side.  We saw a group of sled dogs out practicing.  We went swimming at my gym and met Tim and Amy for dinner at Snuffy’s.

10/15 I started out doing laundry and cleaning closets, but on one of my trips to the garbage can I noticed it was just too nice an afternoon to waste.  Coco:  97 minutes, 5.89 miles, 3.6 mph, HR=108.  We worked on leash behavior with much success!  There’s a red squirrel hanging out on the window ledge of the Dogs’ room.  Check out BIMactive!  I’m playing with it using a Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m from Verizon.

10/16 Is that poison ivy on my ankles?

10/17 Caribou Coffee #12!  That rash on my ankles?  Gone last night.  Back this morning.  Huh?

10/18 I wore a skirt today.  Yes, you read that right.  Pantyhose too, if you must know.  Why?  Well . . . I have them and might as well wear them or give them away.  Since after almost 19 years they still fit, I decided to try wearing one once a week.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

10/21 I haven’t been able to talk since Thursday evening.  As of this morning, I’m a little better.  Avery spent the night.  She was a tad under the weather yesterday.  We did nothing but lay on the couch until almost 2 pm.  Then we got up, made egg bake with the last of our eggs from the farm.  Made another squash pizza, though Avery didn’t feel much like eating.  I think she’s got a cold, but she’s not very snot nosed.

10/22 Happy Birthday to my Dad!!  I surprised them by showing up . . . . at Church.  I left with a lot to mentally process. 

10/23 I got the sweet mug back on the “Today” screen of my Verizon XV6700 with black text!  It doesn’t take much to make my day.

10/24 My Dell Precision M70 has started making a chiming sound a few times each day.  I know not why.  False(?) burglar alarm at the house this afternoon.  Caribou Coffee #13.

10/25 Dipping my toes into the relocation waters and looking at a house tonight.  This is going to be a very long drawn out process, so don’t be getting all excited.  I’m in no hurry to move, but realize it’s inevitable.

10/26 This working late business is for the birds!  But, today it was made worth my while by fun Visitors.

10/27 Avery has a cold, though she doesn’t seem to be feeling too badly.

10/28 Question over breakfast:  Why is a brown egg brown and a white egg white?  Answer:  Chickens with brown ear lobes lay brown eggs, white ear lobes result in white eggs.  I’m thinking further research is required.  Hanna:  85 minutes, 5.9 miles, 4.2 mph, HR=126.

10/29 Coco:  99 minutes, 6.02 miles, 3.6 mph, HR=107.  There’s no way I’m wasting this sunshine!  I took my knitting out on the deck for a couple of hours.  The Karnoven Method of determining target heart rate during exercise:  Target Heart Rate = (Maximum Heart Rate – Resting Heart Rate) × %Intensity) + Resting Heart Rate.  For me:  50% Target HR: 170-59=111×50%=55.5+59=114.5, 75% Target HR: 170-59=111×75%=83.25+59=142.25, 85% Target HR: 170-59=111×85%=94.35+59=153.

10/30 My winter wheels and snow tires are on my car.  Let it snow!  Or not. 

10/31 Caribou Coffee #14.  A game of Scrabble.