Merry Christmas Eve!

I awoke this morning to find only a trickle of water could be coaxed from my faucets.  There is just enough for the essentials; face washing, teeth brushing and toilet flushing.  There will be no laundry.  Showering will be done at my gym.  I can get by and am unwilling to pay double time for service on Tuesday.  I’m hoping the situation holds until the Well Guy gets here first thing Wednesday morning.  I won’t let this frazzle me (too much) and am off to spend the evening with my family.  Late tonight Mr. B took apart the water filter to find it so full of muck no amount of backwashing would have cleared it.  Scrubbed and reassembled.  I have water!  I’m still going to have the Well Guy take a look as it doesn’t seem right there should be so much gunk in that filter.