Two Thousand Six – December

12/01 There was an unusual amount of traffic in the city this morning.  The woman that looked at my house today is in fact a Buyer’s Agent.  She’s interested enough that she wants a copy of the blueprint.  There are seven bathrooms in this house and Avery does her business in the pantry.  I’ve contemplated putting the potty chair in there, but that just doesn’t seem right.

12/09 Yesterday I downloaded and installed Inesoft’s “Cash Organizer 2007 Premium” in an effort to sync Microsoft’s “Money 2007” to my Pocket PC.  The software seemed to install fine but I kept getting password errors when I tried to sync.  I uninstalled.  I still get a password error and can’t open “Money 2007”.  I’m hoping I can restore from a backup I’ve got at the office.  Glutton for punishment that I am, I have reinstalled all around.  87 minutes, 12.85 miles, 8.86 mph and Grey’s Anatomy; Season 1, episodes 3 & 4 on the Wave.  I’ll catch up with the rest of you fans before too very long!  The ice skaters out on the lake are so picturesque it makes the thought of leaving this place down right painful.  I survived a trip to the Ridgedale Mall and surrounding shops.

12/02 I can’t get my iPOD video to play on anything.  There’s got to be a fundamental I’m not understanding.  It helps if “TV Out” video setting is set to “On”. 

12/03 87 minutes, 5.0 miles and Grey’s Anatomy; Season 1, episodes 1 & 2 on the Woodway followed by a bit of weight work.

12/04 Today’s DailyOM is a good one.  Read it!

12/05 Caribou Coffee #19 and a tasty game of checkers.

12/06 One of my tests earlier this month came back abnormal enough to require further testing.  That happens this morning.  While I won’t know for sure until the Lab reports come back, my Doctor is confident there’s nothing to worry about.  Christmas shopping for the Critters.  Visit with my Therapist.  Laundry and present wrapping.

12/07 It’s hard to maintain a normal routine this time of year.  I really need to be OK with that.  The glass is hung, now if only the UPS Guy would get here, I could get to work!

12/08 Since a little girl can not live on cottage cheese alone (M&Ms don’t count); at lunchtime I mix in some fruit and for dinner it’s cooked cauliflower.  At naptime Avery hollers for Hanna and Coco.  Hanna comes running, but Coco isn’t interested.  Hanna lays down, Avery plops her pillow next to her, covers her up with her blanket and goes to sleep with her arm over the dog.  So cute!  One of these days I’ll get a picture.