Happy! Happy! Happy!

The Hope Chest for Breast Cancer was happy to come and pick up my dining room chairs.  I’m even happier to have them gone – I never did like those blasted things!  On another happy note:  My Lawyer postponed this afternoon’s appointment until next week.

1 thought on “Happy! Happy! Happy!

  1. Why are you seeing a lawyer??

    Can use the Microsoft Works again, I put it on my computer up her 2-20-06, if not can we put one on the computer in St. Michael when I come down for Avery’s B-day.

    When are we having her B-day?? 

    Got the place somewhat put back together, Dickie was a great help, without her I would be working still.  The bathroom looks great, and my closet is wonderful.

    They painted the bathroom and also the bedroom.


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