The Universe Delivers Yet Again

I am blessed!  There are three women I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, one of them I’ve had no contact with for years, another just under a year and the last I’ve not seen at the gym since before the holidays.  I went so far as to rejoin the Knitters’ Guild as that’s where I originally met the first one.  Last evening I received an email from Shelley; seems I’ve been on her mind as well.  We spent hours on the phone this afternoon and will spend Wednesday evening over our knitting and coffee.  While I was never really close to the second woman, she’s been on my mind too often to ignore.  I have to respect that “someone” is trying to tell me something and I will call her this week.  I called Terri yesterday to learn she’s fine and she’s been to the gym just not at the usual day/time.  I caught her with her husband enjoying the beach in Florida and we have plans to get together when she returns.