It’s All About the Frogs

60 minutes, 3.53 miles:  A quick 1.25 miles of PodRunner followed by Grey’s Anatomy; “Thanks for the Memories”.  Yes, Mom; I went to church.  My head is spinning with thoughts of frogs. 

One Reply to “It’s All About the Frogs”

  1. Well I am impressed, I didn’t even go to church..Why are you see “frogs”

    Went to see Grandma Lucy yesterday, Dickie stayed overnight here, she just left.

    Tomorrow I have to pick thing up before going back to Walker,

    Bay Carpet called this morning, they are not installing carpet, none of their vans started, hopes to get them going this afternoon

    Told them it had to be done by Wed. now we wait and see.

    Love MOM

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