2007-03-05 Monday

While snowed in this past weekend, I was determined to make a pair of knit and felted slippers.  I failed.  While I intend to wash the second pair a few more times, I give up and will not be knitting any more slippers.  Really.  Giving up is so very hard to do! * Rumor has it both lakeshore homes on my street sold over the weekend.  As did the house I went and looked at. What’s that mean?  Probably nothing.  I just can’t get excited about moving.  Perhaps that’s because I’ve not found the right property to move to.  Or perhaps that’s because I’m pretty happy and content just where I am.  I must admit, Mr.B makes it pretty easy to stay.  I think I would have painted a sign on cardboard and planted it in the front yard had I been the one to do all the shoveling this past weekend.