2007-04-01 Sunday

Yes, Mom; I went to church. * I marched Mr.B to town, he didn’t know why.  I did let him stop at Caribou enroute, mostly ‘cause I had to pee.  He never once complained.  And, really, how could he?  I never complained when we walked to town for Cigars.  Destination:  Gear West.  Where we picked up the Trek T2000 tandem bike I ordered many weeks ago.  I’ve always wanted to ride one of those!  It’s a lot different than I expected.  For one thing; I can’t coast if he’s peddling.  Who knew?  The rain wasn’t in my plan for this endeavor.  I was soaked to the skin when we got home.  I wasn’t cold though as Mr.B makes a great wind block! * I lost a game of Scrabble.