2007-04-03 Tuesday

The three deer in my front garden this morning have me rethinking the height of my new garden fence. * R.I.P. Epicor’s Vantage v5.10.133.  You’ve served me well!  I can only hope “new and improved” is really improved.  New being a given, right? * 10:37 am:  Well.  This sucks.  We’ve spent days get as ready as we can and it seems Rent-A-Geek forgot to schedule time with the DataBase conversion folks.  Not good, really not good. * For the first time, Rent-A-Geek let me down.  BIG time.  No progress was made on the upgrade today.  None.  Zip.  Nadda.  I’m going with my theory that to yell, scream and holler would not get the job done any faster and would in fact hinder progress.  I met with several members of the Software Vendor’s Technical Support staff late this afternoon.  They are cooperative.  Did what they could while I waited and one is working into the evening from home.  When I stop by there tomorrow I will be passing out thank you notes attached to Godiva chocolate and Wells Fargo gift cards.  My theory is those will go farther than any nastiness I could muster.  Not that I have it in me to muster much.  Wish me well.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it.