2007-04-13 Friday

I don’t think I slept at all after 2:00 am.  Tossed and turned worrying if that server survived the night.  It did. * Avery and I did the three mile loop at the Arboretum and she actually walked at least two miles of it!  69 minutes, 3.15 miles, 2.7 mph, HR=89.  Afterward, we met Mr.B at the greenhouse for their 50th Anniversary celebration where Avery wolfed down two whole cookies and had another visit with the Duck. * I can’t believe I’m not a bit embarrassed at taking Avery out and about in clothes that so don’t match. 

1 thought on “2007-04-13 Friday

  1. Breathe deeply…..relax……hmmmmm. Remember the things you really have control over.


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