2007-05-09 Wednesday

I’m having a terrible time with Geese in my yard.  They tolerate the dogs and the dogs tolerate them.  Because we spend so much time in the yard, I’m hesitant to use a chemical deterrent.  Grape Kool-Aid was a waste of time and effort.  The research I did online told me Geese don’t like Coyotes, Fox or Alligators.  At Cabella’s I found some life size rubber fox that are meant for archery practice.  I’ve put one on the shore and three in the yard.  If this doesn’t work, I think I’ll hire someone.  I’m thinking a few seasons of professional goose control can’t cost much, if any, more than a paintball gun and might have a higher success rate.  And perhaps just for kicks I’ll take that rubber alligator that usually rides on the bow of my boat and set it down on the beach.  Fox scattered around the yard didn’t work.  I’ve left one in the middle of the lawn because it torments the dogs.  The other three are on the beach, which seems to work.  For now.