2007-07-19 Thursday

I’m finding the process of putting my name out there on the N.A.P.F.A. site, reading the emails, chatting on the phone with the intent of meeting and developing a relationship with a Personal Financial Planner not unlike the Match.com process of finding a Date.  The one who actually looked at my email address, was clever enough for that to lead him to my website (yeah, not so very clever, but these are finance people) and took the time to peruse the site and personalize his contact email with a short and witty note is first on my list to meet with.  It was his note that made me realize this could be fun!  As well it should be!

1 thought on “2007-07-19 Thursday

  1. Ahhhh…hummmm. And what’s with Finance people not being clever?

    Sounds like you are having a great summer…..and the golf game is back!!

    Take care……and best wishes always.

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