A Year of Tuesdays

He wrote; “My Ideal Mate:  Someone to prod me, cajole and affirm * Creating a spark, providing a germ * Of ideas and thoughts to explore and expound * And I shall do likewise ‘til heaven be bound * A serious side to be sure is a need * With playful mixed in for it plants the seed * To be able to look at each sunset anew * A flower on a weed, a bee seeking dew * A style and a grace that’s caring and kind * With a bit of panache’, a sharpness of mind * Mannered, genteel with sass and some lip * Willing to sometimes just shoot from the hip.”

July 30, 2006 I had a half hour to kill and a few sticky notes with phone numbers on my desk at home.  I saved his number because he met my fitness requirement and I liked the humor I sensed in what he had written about his “Ideal Mate”.  These things outweighed my concern over the cigars and separation.  The cigars I figured I could live with.  At the time, I hoped being separated made him as emotionally unavailable to any sort of commitment as I was.  I figured I could save myself all that third date business I was finding so awkward. 

We met for the first time on Tuesday 08/01/06 at Caribou.  A year ago.  Oh, what a difference a year makes!  What I wrote on that secret page some of you were privy to; “This Guy intrigues and entertains me to no end. I think I’m going to try and keep him for a bit . . . “ remains true today.