Here’s a Thought

“There are no little events in life, those we think of no consequence may be full of fate, and it is at our own risk if we neglect the acquaintances and opportunities that seem to be casually offered, and of small importance” Amelia Barr, author and journalist.

A perfect example being that half hour I “killed” back on 07/30/06.

1 thought on “Here’s a Thought

  1. Like this old dad says, “It’s the small, seemingly inconsequential decisions that profoundly affect our lives.  The big decisions are the easy ones – there is either good or bad – and then good, better, best.  The little ones, frequently unconsidered – have breakfast or skip it, go out partying or do something useful, hug someone you love or just wave ‘hello’’ – these are the ones that make a life.”

    The universe is funny sometimes.  Thank you, my dear one.  Love, Steve.

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