2007-09-26 Wednesday

So kewl how the Moon shines on my pillow in the wee hours of the morning.  Someone from the Minnesota Historical Society called this afternoon to apologize for not greeting me personally at the Lightner House Event last week.  I don’t think my donation warrants that sort of attention, but whatever.  The part that excites me is that he’s going to have their Curator call me regarding my square grand piano that I’m not using and would like to be rid of in my long term effort toward downsizing.  I’ve been unsuccessful in an attempt to sell the thing and a tax deduction for donating it would be nice.

1 thought on “2007-09-26 Wednesday

  1. You my God! you’re getting rid of your grand piano?! I want a piano so bad. I used to play and still enjoy it. My mom took ours from the Elk River house to her house in Alex now….

    Someday I’m sure I’ll get one grin

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