2007-10-25 Thursday

Weird.  All my Outlook Notes have disappeared.  This evening they’ve reappeared.  Go figure.  Hanna is still not eating her chow.  She does, however, enjoy her special homemade food.  So at least she’s eating.  She doesn’t wolf down cookies like she used to either.  I’m wondering if her ear infection isn’t making her teeth/jaw sore.  But, if her ear infection was that bad, wouldn’t they have put her on oral antibiotics instead of just ear salve?  Hanna is a bit perkier today than she was yesterday.  For months Steve has been threatening to reorganize my pantry.  Tonight he’s making good on that threat!  Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard; “Do you know how many of (insert name of pantry staple item here) you have?!?!?!” Well, now I do.  Or, rather, he does.