2008-02-12 Tuesday

So far today:  Urine Test, Blood Tests, Electrocardiogram, Shoulder X-ray and Mammogram.  The Man who drew my blood this morning does that 50 times each day.  No wonder he’s so good at it.  My instructions are to eat a good brunch before I go meet with Dr. Millman so I am properly fueled and digested for my stress test later this afternoon.  I met my LockerMate from the Marsh in the Executive Health waiting area early this morning, she’s here for the same drill.  I’m surprised I’ve not seen her since.  Stress test; 4.2 mph @ 16% incline.  But, not for long!  Back to C1 for another little bottle as it seems I failed the urine test.  Will find out what that’s about tomorrow.  This morning’s first appointment was at 6:45, I get to sleep another hour tomorrow!