2008-02-13 Wednesday

I spent most of the morning in the Cardiovascular Diseases Health Clinic in consult with a Cardiologist.  WOW!  This Guy went over the results of my stress test and really helped me understand my low blood pressure, low blood sugar and asthma.  How they are related and affect each other.  He even dug out the old blood pressure monitoring results for discussion.  Low blood sugar will trigger a drop in blood pressure.  My insulin sensitivity figures in here.  In his opinion “Eat more salt” was bad advice.  Where most people have rheostat switches, I have only an on/off.  My body is hypersensitive to changes.  I am very fit (for a woman my age).  Could I be more fit?  Yes.  But.  While making it clear he was not trying to discourage me, the only thing being more fit would do for me is allow me to eat more.  He feels an increase in exercise intensity may actually exacerbate my asthma, blood pressure and blood sugar issues.  Increased fitness will not result in a greater tolerance level.  I can’t do anything about the asthma, but I have a good understanding how to properly fuel for the blood sugar/pressure issues.  Though, it seems I’ve had it backwards.  I’ve always been more concerned with what I eat before, he says it’s what I eat after that will be more important if I want to say, run a marathon.  He couldn’t stress enough how important hydration is for me.  He was happy with my weight; “to weigh any less gains nothing from a health/fitness standpoint and actually adds to my osteoporosis risk.” I still think I need to be rid of ten pounds.  Total Cholesterol=199.  Triglycerides=52.  HDL=102.  LDL=87.  Total-to-HDL Radio=2.0.  Total LDL Part.Count=600 (this is the number he was most thrilled with).  Blood Pressure=112/75.  Fasting Blood Glucose=80.  I’ll spare you the details of my visit with Gynecology.  Home Sweet Home !!