2008-04-19 Saturday

Coco-Stubbs/Maxwell Loop:  104 minutes, 6.02 miles, 3.5 mph, HR=100. Coco only stumbled once and at that point we were less than a half mile from home.  While dying asleep in her bed at home would be preferred, dropping dead while out on a walk is the next best thing.  The worst case scenario remains taking her to the Vet, hoisting her up on that stainless table and trying to keep her relaxed and comfortable while they get the needle.  Her stumbling seems to be a daily event, though typically a morning thing.  Coco seems to be getting better at anticipating the spell and managing her footing.  There is a pair of Loons hanging around my shoreline.  I’ve heard Geese don’t like Loons and I’m wondering what I might do to encourage the Loons to nest on my property.