2008-05-16 Friday

LuceLine/GeoCaching/PlayGround..  Our first errand on the way home was to stop at the bike shop and purchase Avery a helmet that fits.  Last year’s is too small and the extra ones I have are all too large.  We rode down the LuceLine to the tunnel and back.  I introduced Avery to GeoCaching.  As we searched I was reminded not to talk because she “was busy” with her GPS.  She takes it all very seriously, but really doesn’t yet understand the Lat/Long business.  But, we’ll get there.  She traded for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Travel Bug, so we’ll have to find another easy and large Cache to put that in.  Spent some time at the playground where she enjoyed playing with a five year old boy named Johnny.  We planted Squash, Pumpkins, Peppers, Peas, Tomatoes and Tobacco in starter pots.  Soren spent the evening, so Avery finally got to meet him.

2 thoughts on “2008-05-16 Friday

  1. Hi there!!

    I think it’s been a couple of years but you are the one that introduced me to geocaching. You sent me everything I needed to get started and my entire family has been hooked ever since!! I came across your blog again and thought I’d leave you a comment saying thanks again. We have so much fun geocaching. It is absolutely my favorite activity!!!


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