2008-07-03 Thursday

This morning finds me considering adding a 3-5 year tour of North America in a MotorCoach pulling a TinyCar.  Seriously.  I need to do some research as to which brand has the best resale value and where (besides Walmart parking lots) you can park these things overnight.  I figure eating at “home” would cover the gas $ and 3-5 years of motel bills can’t be far off the depreciation.  Little packing/unpacking.  All the comforts of home all the time.  There’s got to be room for an electric piano in one of those, no?  A puppy/dog!  Garmin Connect – KEWL!!  Fox/Willow/Watertown Loop:  74 minutes, 4.13 miles, 3.3 mph, HR=115