2008-07-06 Sunday

Tandem bike w/trailer to early mass:  28 minutes, 4.87 miles, 10.3 mph, HR=107.  Later we returned the boom truck with our bikes in the back and rode them home:  120 minutes, 17.41 miles, 8.7 mph, HR=129.

One Response to “2008-07-06 Sunday”

  1. tonka_boy says:

    Thanks for stopping by the geocats blog and signing our log. I followed your link and realized that we are almost neighbors. We live over in Minnetrista. We went out in the heat and humidity today to place a cache in Carver Park. (The boat is in the repair shop or we would be boating today.) The cache should be published in a few days. It’s great to hear from local geocachers.

    Take care.