2008-08-10 Sunday

Early Mass.  Fox/Willow/Watertown Loop:  75 minutes, 4.17 miles, 3.3 mph, HR=113.  A dog in the neighborhood barked all day long.  Finally, we set out to discover why.  We found a smallish black lab in an outdoor kennel with little water and no food.  No one seemed to be home.  Mystery solved, we returned home.  Knowing it was a case of an unaware/uncaring owner made it even harder to listen to the barking.  Finally at 9:00 pm we brought the dog to my house, leaving a note in the kennel and, courtesy of the closest neighbor, a voicemail where they might reclaim the dog.  Her name is Shaylee.  She wasn’t thrilled to be at my house and Hanna wasn’t thrilled to have her.  But, at least she stopped the barking!  I had her leash in the back hallway and she kept picking it up and dragging it to the door.  Her Owner claimed her about 11 pm.