2008-09-11 Thursday

Several books I’ve read lately have me curious about living as a Vegan.  There’s no way I could do it without Steve’s support, as he does as much, if not more, of our cooking as I do.  He’s agreed to give it a try.  I was thinking we would commit to a Vegan diet for the month of October.  This would give us a chance to use up what’s left in the freezer/pantry.  How serendipitous that the first week of October is Compassionate Action for Animals fifth annual week-long celebration of all that’s veg:  Veg Week 2008! Rent-A-Geek’s presence has ruined my hope of an early departure from the office today.  I think perhaps it’s time to embrace fall and start wearing long pants, shoes, socks and maybe even sweaters.

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