2008-09-16 Tuesday

24 hours on the trickle charger and my ToyCar started just fine this morning.  The ToyCar gets serviced and detailed before winter storage and I’m not ready to do that just yet, and I’m not inclined to have it serviced at this time, so I’ll put the trickle charger on when I park it for the weekend and cross my fingers that does the trick for now.  The Wagon is due to be serviced next week.  I have no patience for car related “stuff”.  I don’t know if having two makes it better or worse.  At least I always have one that works.  If I only had one car, I doubt I would keep it as long as I’ve kept these two.  And, if there were something I’ld rather drive, I probably would.  I’m not sure why, but these two cars are very near and dear to my heart.