2008-09-22 Monday

Bayside Out&Back:  60 minutes, 4.24 miles, 4.24 mph, HR=149.  Hanna has been limping off and on since Friday.  I was able to rule out any issue with her front feet, but she doesn’t limp enough to determine which front leg is bothering her.  She did just fine on this morning’s jog.  I met with a Realtor this afternoon to discuss the sale of my house.  I shot myself in the foot with all this tile, but I knew that.  What I wasn’t aware of was the biggest selling feature of my property; setback from the lake, nicely allowing for a house two or three times the size of mine.  Given the state of the financial sector and real estate market, I think I’ll stay put for now.  I can’t find a compelling reason to leave here at this time.  I have control over this house, which is more than I could say for money in the bank.  The Realtor will keep me in mind if he encounters someone wanting a great spot to build their Taj Mahal and I’m going to leave it at that for now.  Microsoft Office goes through the Configuration Process each and every time I open it on my Dell Latitude D410.  Something to do with Microsoft Office Groove, which I no longer use.  I’ve tried to delete this software, but it errors out every time.  Microsoft Office Diagnostics comes up with nothing.