2008-11-03 Monday

TechnoGym Wave:  54 minutes, 8 miles, 8.8 mph, HR=138.  The BigGuys at the John Deere store insisted the 48” Aerator would NOT fit into the back of my car.  Right up until they had the darn thing in there.  WTF?!?!  To their credit, they did humor me in the trying.  Thanks to Suzi, I have just committed to two 5k races this month. 

2 thoughts on “2008-11-03 Monday

  1. Always glad to see a John deere purchase.  Dad has worked for them since 1965.  Big green out me through school.

  2. What WERE we thinking!? I guess I forgot it’s November in Minnesota, and at least one of those races, and probably both, will take place during an ice storm. GAH!

    Nah. Positive thinking. It’s going to be beautiful. Actually, I ran races the past two weekends, and the weather was gorgeous for both. Cross your fingers!

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