2008-12-19 Friday

Last night while I was bemoaning the fact that, for the first time in the almost four years Avery has been on this planet, I was going to go two whole weeks without seeing her, I heard Windows Messenger’s audible notification of a message.  Despite the fact only a few important people use that method to communicate with me, I was too lazy to go back downstairs to check it.  Turns out it was Amy letting me know Avery was available today after all!  Their trip to Wisconsin was cancelled due to weather.  Still having a little bit of shopping to do, we stopped at Gear West in Long Lake.  Proclaiming a desire to ski, Avery went straight up stairs to look for a pair of skis.  Much to her delight, and my astonishment, she found a pair of used cross country skis that are just her size.  She hoisted them to her shouloder and went downstairs to attend to our errand.  Several merchandise displays got in the way of those skis.  Good thing she is a valued Customer of the Proprietress. So, today we skied around the yard a bit.  We made a HUGE mess in the kitchen while baking frosted sugar cookies.  A second squirrel has been relocated.