2009-02-07 Saturday

I was about to take some NyQuil last night, when I decided to read the label.  The first ingredient is Alcohol followed by food coloring, artificial flavor and high fructose corn syrup.  Supposedly there is medicine for pain relief, fever reduction, cough suppressant and an antihistamine.  I’m not experiencing much pain, have no fever and little coughing.  I’m wary of what an antihistamine will do to my delicate fluid balance.  I pondered this for a few seconds and went down to the dining room to retrieve the bottle of Old Bushmills Irish Whiskey the neighbor lady left behind on New Years Eve.  If I’m going to consume medicinal alcohol, I figure I would stick with the pure stuff.  A shot of Whiskey and a cotton handkerchief smeared with Wholefood Farmacy’s Vaporescent over my nose/mouth got me through the night just fine.  West on the LuceLine:  55 minutes, 3.03 miles, 3.03 mph, HR=112.