2009-03-06 Friday

Avery spent the night last night.  This morning we had breakfast at my gym.  After breakfast we spent a little bit of time in the meditation tower and then doing laps on the jogging track.  After our usual Friday stops at the gas station/car wash and the Post Office we went out to Gale Woods Farm.  The barns were closed, as it seems they usually are.  We were able to see chickens and sheep in outdoor pens.  I’m not sure which Avery liked best; the mud puddles or the big sink.  While we were there, we picked up our Easter hams and some other meat for the freezer.  We also signed up for Chicken, Beef and Pork shares!  Since Avery loves the farm so much, she won’t mind adding a stop there on Fridays to pick up our meat shares.  We will consume meat that has never ever been more than 20 miles from my house!