2009-03-09 Monday

TechnoGym Wave:  45 minutes, 9.12 miles, HR=131.  On the way to Rochester, I got a much deserved and long overdue speeding ticket.  For some reason, I’ve been upgraded to a Suite.  It’s nice that I have a mini kitchen, but it’s an unnerving amount of space for just me.  The connecting door freaks me out, I’ve checked the lock and put a chair in front of it.  I’m unpacked and settled in.  My stomach is growling, and I will be listening to that rumble until mid-day tomorrow.  For now, I’m limited to water.  I’ve put my schedule into my Outlook calendar and synced it to my phone, which was probably a waste of time as it’s a safe bet it will get changed at least twice tomorrow.  I forgot to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign.  Turn down service gives me the creeps.