2009-03-10 Tuesday

Turns out when I changed my visit from February to March a whole lot of appointments didn’t get rescheduled.  Putting my appointments into Outlook and syncing them to my phone wasn’t a waste of time because of the changes, but because no one here will even look at you without scanning the bar code on your Appointment Schedule and verifying your first name, last name and date of birth.  One has to have the paper in hand at all times.  As per usual, the day begins with a specimen collection and venipuncture.  Then I head up to Executive Health to meet with my Doctor.  We went over my health history and reviewed my appointments, discovering several were missing.  The most interesting of today’s appointments was my Echocardiography Laboratory Stress Echocardiogram.  They hooked me up to all sorts of electrodes and a blood pressure cuff, did an ultrasound of my heart, put me on a treadmill and when I gave that my all, they did another ultrasound of my heart.  My results were better than would be expected of a 15 year old.  They couldn’t tell me how much better, as 15 is as young as the chart goes.  I did 216% of what would be expected of a woman my age.  I am in very good shape!  So, why do I faint sometimes?  Right now I sure don’t look like I’m in very good shape.  I’m wearing not only a Holter monitor, but a blood pressure monitor as well.  I’ll be visiting Cardiology again tomorrow.  I had a Bone Mineral Density test.  Spent some time in Gynecology.  The Gynecologist was a young Indian male, first male I’ve seen all day.  I finally got to eat!  A whole foot long turkey sandwich from Subway.  My First Need Trav-L-Pure water purifier is working exactly as I had hoped it would!  I fill my Sigg bottles with filtered hotel room tap water and don’t need to buy water!  Hmmmm, I got called back for more extensive urine tests.