2009-30-11 Wednesday

I’m surprised the 24-hr blood pressure monitor didn’t bother me at all during the night.  I slept just fine.  My anticipated visit to the Sports Medicine Department was mostly uneventful:  I have unrealistic expectations of myself.  I have no leg length discrepancy.  I am remarkably flexible (for someone my age).  When running, I land too hard on my heels and need to learn to move that forward some if I want to improve my running.  There is no good reason to change anything nor is there a good reason not to.  I reported for my mammogram and pointed out all my electronics and suggested they reschedule for later in the day.  “Oh, no!” the Nurse says, “they can work around all that just fine”.  I get out of my clothes, into the gown, wait for my turn.  And find out…they can’t work around the electronics.  Geezzzz!  Lunch seemed like a good idea while I wait until I can take the electronics off.  Electronics off.  Mammogram accomplished.  Final visit with my Doctor to go over results.  Off to Cardiology.  The Cardiologist I saw today is very familiar with my issue because his wife has it.  She’s training for the Boston Marathon!  Diagnosis (again):  It’s nothing, eat more salt and avoid hot showers post exercise.  As soon as I get the all clear from Breast Imaging, I can leave!  Let’s hope that’s today.  I’m going to go ahead and pack.  I will be disappointed if I have to stay another night.  I’m home!