2009-04-17 Friday

Avery and I did some shopping at Lakewinds Natural Foods.  She loves to push the little cart and enjoyed the company of several other little girls doing likewise.  We went there for Cola made with Stevia and left with carrots, celery and grapes as well.  We stopped at the new Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet in Wayzata and discovered they do indeed carry the Blue Buffalo chow I feed Hanna.  We stopped at the park and Avery played with a bunch of boys her age.  Once home we made fruit dip, played on the beach with the neighbor girls, played in a bucket of water on the deck and made Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats.  Avery told Steve; “You made a very good dinner”.  It was marinated chicken and broccoli.  She didn’t eat the broccoli, only the chicken.