2009-05-30 Saturday

Last week when I was making a half hearted attempt at cleaning up my home office desk, I ran across the GPS from my Florida boat.  I picked it up, put it down, not sure what to do with it as I’ve got a newer model that I use for geocaching and such.  I set it back in the box of stuff I don’t know what to do with.  Later, when perusing my list of favorite websites/blogs, I read about someone who’s GPS had died.  An idea was hatched!  We got a new Rans Seavo recumbent tandem that I really wanted to ride home from Calhoun Cycle, but we needed a ride from Orono to Uptown.  The Guy with the broken GPS just happens to be a huge bicycle fan.  I offered him the GPS for a ride to Up Town and he took us up on it!  Chris arrived at the house bright and early this morning, so early, there was time for a cup of coffee out on the deck.  He even hung around the bike shop while we waitied for their Mechanic to do some adjusting of the brakes and such.  Home from the bike shop:  125 minutes, 23.24 miles, 11.1 mph, HR=120